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Our Services at Twain Recording
Twain Recording
18 Hiawatha Pass
West Milford, NJ 07480
Twain Recording Services
  .: Multitrack Recording & Mixing (hourly or daily rates)

• Up to 96 Tracks Pro Tools 10 audio and Midi recording, Logic 9 available on request
• Tons of Plug-ins. Good selection of virtual instruments. Drum sound replacement / enhancement and timing correction. Vocal tuning and enhancement.
  .: Engineering & Producer Services

Bob Both is available to engineer and or produce your project at any studio of your choice. Rates are daily . Travel and lodging may be required . Call for a custom quote based on your personal needs and location.
  .: Location Recording (daily rates)

Call for a quote on your live show, corporate event, recital or any event your want record. Travel and setup fees may apply.
  .: Pro Tools™ Mastering & Editing (hourly rates)

• From DAT or analog tape, audio CD or computer file
• EQ Level Maximizing and matching, song sequencing, etc.
  .: Burning CD Masters

We can burn CD's from your DAT, cassette, analog 1/4" tape or any digital audio file (AIFF, WAV, MP3).
  .: Production & Arranging
  .: Studio Musicians
  .: Home Recording Projects (hourly or daily rates)

If you have a home studio and need to record drums, grand piano, vocals or other tracks with better microphones and room acoustics, or if you need to mix on more accurate monitors. Bring in your WAV or AIFF files, Pro Tools session, or your portable recording unit. Do what you can at home and save money, then call us to put the finishing touch on your project.
  .: Video Editing, Transfers, Scoring

We offer video editing on Final Cut Pro. Bring in your VCR , mini DV tapes, your memory card, DVD or you can bring in your camera and we'll transfer from that. We can put a soundtrack to your video, edit and improve on the existing audio tracks, add titles, credits, still images and more. Whether it's a family event, your band at a show, a corporate sales or training video, call us for a quote on your project needs.
  .: Digital Archiving, Tape Restoration

Need old cassette, 16 Bit ADAT tape, DAT tape, two track 1/4" tape or even vinyl album transfered to digital format for editing, archiving or CD copying. We can bake your old 1/4" tapes and transfer them to Pro Tools. We can transfer vintage out of print vinyl, de-click and de-crackle it and burn a CD. Call us to find out if we transfer from your format.

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