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About Bob Both of Twain Recording
Twain Recording
18 Hiawatha Pass
West Milford, NJ 07480
About Bob Both
Bob Both has over 40 years experience as a recording engineer/producer. Bob worked as an A&R assistant at POLYDOR Records, NYC in the early 70ís. There he met R&B legend JAMES BROWN . After mixing several records for James Brown, Brown hired Bob as his recording engineer, production supervisor and A&R director. During the next five years Bob worked on 17 albums and over 69 single releases for James Brown and his stable of artists. Bob's discography

In 1975 Bob built TWAIN RECORDING in his home in West Milford, NJ using his experience in some of New York's major recording studios (A&R, SOUND IDEAS, RECORD PLANT) as his guide. When Bob parted ways with Brown in 1977 he turned Twain Recording into a full time commercial studio. Motown Records soon offered Bob a job at their Los Angeles studios, but Bob turned them down to concentrate on running Twain Recording. Twain Recording quickly became a respected name in the Tri-state recording scene and has been used by the areas top bands and solo performers. Bob was also a staff engineer at DELTA (1977) and QUAD (1979) recording studios in NYC. View studio layout

Bob has written articles on recording techniques for numerous magazines including EQ, The Aquarian, Soundtrack, Pro Music and others. CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLES

In 1993 Bob began teaching Audio Recording courses at RAMAPO COLLEGE OF NJ. In 1995 Bob added WILLIAM PATERSON UNIVERSITY to his teaching schedule and in 1997 also added classes at COUNTY COLLEGE OF MORRIS. Bob taught PRO TOOLS production classes at Ramapo College and William Paterson University until 2007.

Bob plays guitar and bass and has performed with various bands over the years. In 1989 Bob began performing as a successful solo artist with midi sequenced tracks at clubs and bars in New York & New Jersey. Today Bob still performs on occasion, playing guitar in a classic rock band.

Watch video interview with Bob Both from Record Production.com. Bob talks about his James Brown career and his recording techniques. CLICK HERE

CLICK HERE for Special Notes on Bob's career.

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